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What Is Concrete POLISHING?

Polished Concrete

    Polished concrete is a process which enhances the natural beauty of existing concrete by hardening and applying a sheen to the concrete. There are two primary methods to create this sheen: Topical or Mechanical. While both methods will provide a sealed floor, mechanical polished concrete is preferred in most applications due to its extended longevity, low maintenance, sustainability, and stunning esthetic. Just as every slab of marble or granite is unique, each polished concrete floor contains its own characteristics. This stone-like, mottled appearance is very appealing, and adds character to the floor. Whether the floor is new or old, floor polishing, is a matte finish to a high gloss finish. This versatility makes polished concrete an ideal flooring solution for many types of applications Polished concrete is growing exponentially as the ideal floor finish for warehouses, retail and manufacturing facilities, restaurants, show room floors, patios, garages, carports, and residential interiors or exteriors. In addition to its aesthetic appeal as a glossy surface, polished concrete floors are easy to maintain and clean, requiring only occasional damp mopping and holding up well to heavy traffic.

    Polished concrete is: Economical, Low Maintenance, Decorative, and Environmentally friendly, Not affected by U.V. Light. Polished concrete will: Improve strength& durability, Improve floor flatness, Reduce maintenance costs, and Improve light reflectivity

Concrete Polishing Photo Gallery

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