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A precise template will ensure an easy installation! Missing information can slow down the fabrication process which may result in a prolonged lead time. If possible, we recommend that you provide photos of the area you are making the template for. If you  use a digital camera, you can email the pictures to:


or you may mail hardcopies of the photos, along with your template, to the address located in the "Contact" section of the website.  Basically, the old adage does apply here, “more is better”……you can never provide too much information.

Suggested materials for making a template are thin plywood or rolling cardboard. Paper products tend to get damaged during shipping and become unreliable in their accuracy. Templates should reflect the overall finished size of the concrete product. We will assume that an irregular edge should be an irregular edge...so be careful in your design!.

Every template piece should have the following information clearly marked, and unless noted otherwise, we will assume that the side with the writing is face up:

  • Name

  • Phone Number

  • Color selection

  • Finish Selection

  • Edge Selection (i.e. block or large radius)

  • Preferred seam locations.  We will advise you if certain configurations are beyond our constraints.

  • Areas to receive backsplash and dimensions of backsplash.

  • Sink centerline and template for cut-out. Also, indicate the placement in relationship to the front edge. A minimum of 3" of concrete is typically required in front of and behind the opening.

  • Faucet hole size and locations. If your faucet stems are not long enough to pass through 1-1/2" thick concrete, indicate the area to be cast thinner.

  • Additional hole sizes and locations, i.e. hot water, soap dispenser, and dishwasher air gap.

Additional information may be requested as required.