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Color is an important part of our lives…we are conditioned from birth to react to color in emotional and psychological ways. Color can describe our moods and even our character…so it is an important decision when choosing color for home and office furnishings and can determine the mood and tone of an environment.

Our Concrete Colorants are integral and the pigment is actually mixed directly into the concrete before it is poured, making the color “integral” to the product. The colorants are lightfast, lime proof, weather-resistant and formulated to give long-lasting appeal. The main advantage of using integral colorant is that eventual scrapes and surface nicks will be minimized and less noticeable during the life of the product.

Color Considerations…

  • Due to monitor and printer differences, colors viewed on your computer will vary from the actual concrete color. If you find a color that you would like to actually see, a color sample is recommended.

  • If you have a color that you would like us to match, we will do our best to accommodate your request, however, we do not perform computerized color-matching.

  • Even within the same pour, there will be slight color and tonal variations that naturally occur.  This, however, is what enhances the uniqueness of concrete and is considered part of the attraction to this handmade product.

Standard Colors

Most of our clients choose "stone-like" or "earth tone" colors. Thus, these are the choices that KAR Construction offers as “standard”.
They include:

  • Brick
  • Sandstone
  • Leather
  • Slate
  • Onyx
  • Rawhide

Custom Colors

Custom colors are available and can be ordered to suit individual designs and projects. There is a $75, non-refundable charge for custom colors.  A 15% up charge may apply to certain colorants, depending on the expense of the pigment. If you are interested in this option, just send us a color swatch or color sample you would like us to match, complete the Sample Order Form, and we will send you a concrete color sample for your approval.  Again, color and texture will vary with this handmade product.

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